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Upside-down success story of korea's economic development

Korea's economic development is a mystery before it is a miracle. Korea choese to pursue economic development using its own unique approach instead of following the formula proposed by Wetern scholars and preached by some international organizations. The Korean Economic Development Model cannot be categorized into any conventional model as it is an impressive and independent model on its own. The convenient categorization by Western scholars of the Korean Economic Development Model as a Late Industrialization Model is not befitting.

Many developing countries today wish to learn about Korea's unique Economic Development Model. Korea has, however, way to go to be prepared for sharing its experience to the world in effective and efficient manner. While pursuing further economic development still remains an important task, establishing itself as a knowledge sharing country in the international society is more meaningful task for Koea. The first step to become a knowledge sharing country should begin with Korea becoming a good teacher to those who yearn to learn and emulate the Korean experience in economic development.

Then how should Korea undertake this role? This book will discuss Korea's unique formula for economic development and the agenda it must uptake to fulfill its responsibilities.

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